Full HD Industrial Microscope System

Strengths and Features

  • Implementing high-definition image quality by employing a high-resolution full HD (1080P) image sensor
  • All-in-one type in which a camera, a light source device, and a recording system are integrated
  • Portable industrial camera
  • Quick image transmission by using USB 3.0
  • A clear image can be output by using a HDMI Interface.
  • Storing real-time video and still images on the SD card (Default hard disk)
  • Various lens magnifications ranging from 60x to 3,400x are optional.

Product application fields

  • Aviation industry
  • Vehicle
  • Ship/train
  • Power station
  • Steel industry
  • Industrial machinery
  • Construction/Architecture
  • Water supply and sewage facilities
  • Semiconductor production equipment
  • Automotive metal parts




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